On this page I list feature requests and comment on their feasibility, or possible refusal of implementation.

Display images

The most-requested feature. I'm not big on display images, but I do see the appeal.

The client currently uses MSNP8. To support display images, I'll have to upgrade to MSNP9. This is rather trivial. What is not trivial is that to support display images I have to implement the MSNSLP protocol, which I currently don't really understand.

Connect through HTTP

This looks feasible, but requires a different approach on how to interact with the server. I'm not sure how reliable it'd be, considering that I already use HTTP to authenticate the user name and password, which often has the server not returning any data.

I'm also wondering if this feature would actually be useful, or just used to be able to connect to MSN at work and waste time.

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